Sunday, September 30, 2007

PVC Pipe and Grout Pin Press


Wanda said...

Such fun to see your inventions! I really like the looks of the baking pan press! :-)

I have a question, though - what is grount?

Ivan Locke said...

I'm glad you enjoy seeing my toys.

Grount would be what you get when you take cement grout, encase your fingers in it, and try to type. Maybe I better start spell checking. Thanks for the catch.

lk said...

Love how you think...
the hydralic presses are great...
and your "test print" is definately worthy of a framing.
Keep going!

Anonymous said...

ey, i think this tools you're making are fantastic. sorry for my english, i'm from argentina. i am in similar projects, making my own tools and studing printing. Right now i'm making diferents tipes of barens, for diferent uses, of course mine are a little bit more krafty (?).
wish you luck in your projects, i really like too know people who do this kind of things.

i left you my web if you like too see something of my work:

a hug,