Thursday, October 18, 2007

Website Favicon

Here is the icon I am adding for a favicon: . It is supposed to be a blog post with some text and picture (of a rabbit). Seems to work on some browsers, but not others.

For information on changing the favicon and other blog customizing, see the Tips for New Bloggers blog.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Working on Projects, Nothing to Show

I've been working and thinking about multiple projects this past weekend and couple of days. Nothing is far enough along to show, but here are some descriptions on what I am working on.

PVC Pipe Pin Press:
I am looking to make some improvements on the pvc pin press. I am making a new set of end caps with the correct smaller sized hole for the plastic handles I am now using. I plan to use my wood lathe to clamp the pipe cap with a Nova Chuck and have a drill chuck for the tailstock; I should be able to achieve a precisely centered hole. A threaded rod the full length of the roller will ensure the handles are in line.

PVC Pipe Roller Press:
I want to try to use the pin press roller design to make a press roller. I am thinking 18" wide with the 4" pvc pipe I am using now. The frame will be wood 4"x4" with steel threaded rod taking the load from the rollers. Solid bearings (bushings) instead of ball bearings will keep cost down and hopefully work just as well. I want to gear the hand drive and modify a vernier caliper for an accurate height gauge.

Pyrography for Printmaking and Miniature Attempt:
I am working on one of my first miniature prints for the October Monthly Miniature Challenge on the WetCanvas Miniature Forum. I have the sunflowers drawn on a 2-1/2" by 3-1/2" block ready to burn. I am looking at getting a needle point burning tip. It looks like it would be great for miniatures and textures.