Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Wish List

Daniel Smith Oil Relief Ink Set to add some color to my prints.

Shina Grab Bag to try some wood meant for printmaking.

Wood Burning:
Needle Point Replaceable Tip to use for very fine detail or textures.
Small Calligraphy Replaceable Tip to try for text - if I can write calligraphy in reverse.
Micro Replaceable Tip for small lines.
Replaceable Tip Handle to ease switching between to tips.
Ultra Flex Cord to try instead of the heavier cord I have now.

Two Arm Table Lamp and Magnifier
Lens Power Booster

How to Ink and Wipe a Wood Pyrograph Plate for Intaglio

The following techniques have been working well for me. They are based on the techniques of others I have read for wiping etching or drypoint.

1. I spread ink across the plate using a plastic putty knife or a credit card making sure to press into lines.
2. Scrape off excess ink with the putty knife or credit card.
3. Wipe with phone book pages until clean. I use a page folded into quarters wrapped around an object with a flat surface - for me it is a plastic canister of toothpicks. Using my hand to wipe with phone book pages, I found I pulled ink out of wider lines.